Iron Art Wall Panel - 5" x 21"

Iron Art Wall Panel - 5" x 21"

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The handmade wall panel portrays the inherent joyous relationship between man and nature! How they have coexisted harmoniously from time immemorial!

Such themes are the core of traditional Bastar Iron Art, practiced by the tribal artisans from Bastar, Chhattisgarh.  The artisans make such panel from scrap iron parts and thereby ensure every bit of a resource is used to its fullest capacity and no waste is left out, before demanding more from the Nature. The artisans practicing this art form are handful in number and are keeping this art alive. Using no advanced machinery, each part of the artefact is individually made and joined with one another using rivets.  No welding is used. 

Be it for Diwali, Christmas or any festive or personal occasions, the wall hanging will be a great fit for your decor plan. Handmade in Wrought Iron in Bastar Art or Iron Craft of Chhattisgarh. The art form is locally known as Loha Shilp.

About this item:

  • Item Dimensions: Height 21 inch x Width 5 inch   
  • Included Components: 1 wall iron art panel
  • Specific Uses for Product: Use these as wall decorative showpiece, or for gifting to art lovers
  • Special Features: 100% handmade with Make-Shift Furnace, Chisel, Hammer and other traditional tools
  • Care Instructions: Gentle clean with a dry cotton cloth