About Us

Shambhavi Creations houses handpicked pieces handcrafted by aboriginal tribes, artisans and craftsmen from Bastar in Chhattisgarh state and other tribal regions of India. Our product offerings include a range of wall mounts encompassing brass metal and wrought iron designs, a variety of metal figurines made through Dhokra art of Lost wax method being practised by the tribals for more than 4000 years.

Our products are a smart mix of tribal designs and contemporary style, and each product tell enchanting story of tribals’ legacy, culture, daily lives and environment friendly orientation. Keeping customer satisfaction and demands at core, we ensure every single product we sell undergoes due care and quality checks. Our strong sourcing network is our key to keeping the cost down while we make all efforts to ensure deserving pay and year round employment for our experienced and hardworking artisans.

From Bastar to the World, at Shambhavi’s, we are driven with a passion to provide unique art, decor and handicraft products to across India and Abroad.